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Dr. Selassie's Redemptive View: Life is Empowering

Dear Friends

Dr. Patricia Selassie's redemptive view on COVID-19:

I trust and have faith that everything happens for a reason.  Whether it is true or not, one way to look at the world is through an empowering view.  Many people are suffering as result of losing loved ones, and I really get it. Our Life force through its redemptive value forces us to ask how does this make me a stronger person?  How has this altered my life in a good way and given me purpose?  

Let's look for the good, and I think that is what’s is going to keep us happy.  For otherwise we are going to succumb to how our life has changed dramatically in not such a good way.  You have to look for how life can be positive, and believe something good can happen, there is a reason for things.  And, sometimes what I find with very ill patients is that they heal because they give purpose and meaning to their illness and see it as a way to move forward in life. 

I can see that in my own personal life I have been given us an opportunity because of the confinement to really go within and understand what is the most important thing, and for me it’s family.  I realized that before COVID I was fueled by my to-do lists.  And, believe me, I still have things to do, and I am still very good at completing my tasks, however, I really get it that the most important thing for me is my family.  To see that we are all here and that we are healthy, getting through this together makes me so proud. We have used this opportunity to bond.

As a naturopathic doctor I can’t help it but to tell everyone, now you have time to exercise because you don’t have to commute to work.  If you were a gym person, there are plenty of things you can do:  YouTube videos or Zoom exercise classes that you can do in tiny spaces.  I can speak about tiny spaces because I live here in Brooklyn New York.  There is also an opportunity to take advantage of these organic farmers that ship food to your house.  Instead of always supporting these big corporations that control our food industry, now is a great time to support small farmers that will bring organic produce to your home. Spend time cooking instead of commuting.  Prioritize sleep, it is really important too.  You were not getting enough sleep and now that you are home, you might as well take a nap. 

 I encourage everyone to drink more water, and the reason for all of this is because health is really our wealth, and it is really important.  People who are healthy can look forward to the future: they are able to work.

I am imagining the future where we are able to get out there again.  So maybe COVID also fits with Everything Happens For A Reason and This Too Shall Pass.  Maybe it is true and maybe it’s not but it is an empowering way to think.       

Sincerely yours,


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