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Dohrea Bardell PhD Celebration

Dear Friends

A very big congratulation to our amazing and fantastic BioImmersion president, Dohrea Bardell, on becoming a PhD.  We had a wonderful and joyful celebration this past weekend at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California.

Dohrea belongs to a very interesting group of theoretical scientists. Her PhD research is focused upon the realm of International Relations, in specific, she built a theoretical model for world peace.

Dohrea has studied the nature of theories for a long time, which as we know, frame all scientific research.

Theories create the framework for measuring and evaluating life and our experience of the world in which we live.  At this point (as I understand it from Dohrea), we are going through a major shift in our research community, and many scientists are not even aware of this important phenomenological change. As a hint, the microbiome project belongs to a very different world theory, and hence will slowly change the way we consider research and the world around us. Exciting!

Dohrea studied one of the most influential and complex philosophical thinker in the Western world, Immanuel Kant. She built a Kantian normative peace model— a theoretical model that we can enact as a law.  Peace, as Dohrea describes it, is a categorical imperative: A binding international law. A universal law that considers the dignity of Humanity as its core.

Peace as a categorical imperative has a beautiful ultimate goal – But, to find out what it is, as she told her audience at the graduation ceremony, “you’ll need to read my dissertation or monograph when it is published.”  So stay tuned. It is in the process of being published, and I will keep you posted.

Congratulations Dohrea!

Dohrea Graduation 1Dohrea Graduation 2

(Thanks to Larry Severance for the photos)

Dohrea PhD Cohort 2

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Globe_Home 3Fielding Graduate University is a school for scholar-practitioners and its focus is social change.  As they say, we are an innovative global community dedicated to educating scholars, leaders and practitioners in pursuit of a more just and sustainable world.

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