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Do Polyphenols Lower Blood Pressure?

What does research say about dietary polyphenols' ability to lower blood pressure? 

A recent, 2023, large meta analysis was done by Kiyimba et al. to determine the effects of polyphenols on cardiometabolic risk markers, including blood pressure.

The review study aimed to decipher the efficacy between polyphenol rich foods and purified food - polyphenol extracts. The markers the group of scientists looked at were for blood pressure, lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, weight (especially waist circumference), and of course, markers of inflammation. 

The study found that whole polyphenol rich foods lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. And interestingly, polyphenol extracts were found to lower weight. 

When both whole foods and extracts were combined, all markers were affected, including cholesterol and blood pressure.

 Enjoy the Article, and add polyphenols to your diet.

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