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Diabetes: Anthocyanin (in dark berries) lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

This Oxford Academic study was referenced in our last examination of Blueberries and Diabetes - but this time, the study lasted for 24 weeks, instead of just 8 weeks. 

And there is a big difference in results. 

As I read Stote et al. (2020) article last week, I had the feeling that the researchers realized they should have done the study for a longer period of time to show the affect on cholesterol and other metabolic and lipids markers. They mentioned other studies that did produce great results - so I thought to investigate. Tune in to our Friday's email. 

And by the way, the good news about the results in stote et al. (2020) research is that blood sugar did drop after eight weeks! 

This study of Li et al. (2015) actually lasted for 24 weeks and showed dramatically reduced markers of LDL cholesterol (by 7.9%), triglycerides (by 23.0%) - and lowered fasting plasma glucose. It is truly an encouraging research (Article). 

There is another change though in this study - a concentrated form of Anthocyanin supplement. A concentrated form from dark berries such as bilberry and blackcurrant. 

This study is worth getting into - it is detailed and smart with much information and data about polyphenols and anthocyanins. Article

Our Blueberry Extract has 12% concentration of Anthocyanin which is quite high! 


Blueberry Extract 

suggested amount:  1 capsule of Blueberry Extract daily. One capsule is about 1 and 1/4 cups of blueberries. 



  • Li, D., Zhang, Y., Liu, Y., Sun, R., & Xia, M. (2015). Purified anthocyanin supplementation reduces dyslipidemia, enhances antioxidant capacity, and prevents insulin resistance in diabetic patients. The Journal of nutrition, 145(4), 742-748.
  • Stote, K. S., Wilson, M. M., Hallenbeck, D., Thomas, K., Rourke, J. M., Sweeney, M. I., ... & Gosmanov, A. R. (2020). Effect of blueberry consumption on cardiometabolic health parameters in men with type 2 diabetes: an 8-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Current developments in nutrition4(4), nzaa030. Article


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Green Facts:

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And blueberries also improve the immune system!

Rousseau, M., Horne, J., Guénard, F., de Toro-Martín, J., Garneau, V., Guay, V., ... & Vohl, M. C. (2021). An 8-week freeze-dried blueberry supplement impacts immune-related pathways: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Genes & nutrition, 16(1), 1-19.

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