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Chronic Kidney Disease, Gut Dysbiosis, and Berries: 2024 Research

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is associated with uremic toxin production, inflammation, oxidative stress, heart disease, and of course difficult to treat gut dysbiosis.

A 2024 research article by Coutinbo-Wolino et al. discusses the benefits of berries as a therapeutic formula, in particular, blueberries, cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry, to improve gut microbiota of people with chronic kidney disease.  

The berries have shown in research to tighten junction in the gut wall, reducing levels of uremic toxins, and promote the right organisms in the gut. 

Berries have high antioxidant, and their polyphenols nourishes different organisms, encouraging the growth and proliferation of probiotics, which creates the right environment for a healthy microbiota in the gut. 

It is for sure an exciting discussion that looks upon animal and human studies. Article

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  • Coutinho-Wolino, K. S., Melo, M. F., Mota, J. C., Mafra, D., Guimarães, J. T., & Stockler-Pinto, M. B. (2024). Blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry as modulators of the gut microbiota: target for treatment of gut dysbiosis in chronic kidney disease? From current evidence to future possibilities. Nutrition Reviews, 82(2), 248-261. Article

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