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Chronic Diseases are Preventable

Dear Friends

It is well understood across all medical persuasions today that 70% of chronic diseases can be prevented, and even cured with lifestyle changes. Seventy percent!

Let’s take the most feared of chronic diseases- cancer as an example.

This year, more than 1 million Americans and more than 10 million people worldwide are expected to be diagnosed with cancer, a disease commonly believed to be preventable. Only 5-10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90-95% [of cancers] have their roots in the environment and lifestyles.  The lifestyle factors include cigarette smoking, diet (fried foods, red meat, etc), alcohol, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, infections, stress, obesity, and physical activity.

Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Life Style Changes,               Anand P. et al, Pharm Res. 2008 September;25(9):2097-2116)

None other than the World Bank published the book Disease Control Prioirties in Developing Countries by Jamison DT et al, with Chapter 44 authored by Willet et al entitled Prevention of Chronic Disease by Means of Diet and Lifestyle .

A general conclusion is that reducing identified modifiable dietary and lifestyle risk factors could prevent most cases of CAD (coronary artery disease), stroke, diabetes and many cancers among high-income populations … furthermore, low rate of these diseases can be attained without drugs or expensive medical facilities, an outcome that is not surprising, because their rates have historically been extremely low in developing countries with few medical facilities.

Walter Willet, M.D., PhD is the eminent Fredrick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition and the chair of the department of nutriton at Harvard School of Public Health.

The Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention-Homepage; Department of Health for the State of Florida (2013) maintains that,

Nearly 70% of chronic [disease] conditions can be prevented [or cured] by making these lifestyle changes …. They rarely resolve spontaneously and they generally are not cured by medication or prevented by vaccine.

A major component of the lifestyle change necessary to attain good health falls under the category of dietary change.  Eating healthy food is good medicine. The Therapeutic Food line supports the power of food as good medicine, enhancing our body’s ability to repair, heal and prevent disease—see the Clinic Notes below and cancer prevention.

Sincerely yours,
Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

For this week’s newsletter we’ll look at three of our products and their possible support in cancer prevention.

When we created our first probiotic product, the Original Synbiotic Formula, we looked for strains that had the ability to neutralize heterocyclic amines, known carcinogens that cause gastrointestinal cancers and even breast cancers.  They are generated when red meats are cooked at high temperatures (broiling, barbequing, charring).  All five bacteria chosen for our Original Formula showed themselves able to neutralize heterocyclic amines and nitrosamines too (carcinogens in sausage).  It makes sense to bring these good bugs into our gut on a regular basis for protection.

Furthermore, the Original Formula also provide 4 grams of inulin (fiber) per teaspoon.  Inulin is food for the good bacteria in this product; and, a byproduct of its fermentation by the good bacteria is the production of butyric acid, a known anti-cancer short chain fatty acid.

We created our Blueberry Extract based on the work of James Joseph from Tufts University.  He had shown powerfully in rat studies that blueberry extract could reduce Alzheimer’s in senile old rats. Our initial focus for this product was neurological diseases.  However we soon became aware of the work of cancer researcher Mary Ann Lila Smith PhD, Director of Plants for Human Health Institute, on the power of  blueberry’s anthocyanins to reduce and inhibit four out of five developmental cancer stages including angiogenesis.  Each capsule of this product contain 500 mg of anthocyanins obtained from one cup and a quarter of blueberries.

As we know, garlic is a great antimicrobial for the GI tract.  It inhibits and kills a great variety of pathogens, while being gentile on the good probiotic organisms.  Chronic infection in the gut caused by dysbiosis creates chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation is an well established at risk factor for cancer. We provide a very potent high allicin organic garlic in a capsule with 4 to 5 cloves of garlic per capsule.

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Rocky Mountain Institute and the U.S. Green Building Council have partnered to produce a compelling film that documents the business case for building green.
Check this film out by clicking on the link above. It is very inspiring for the reality that buildings consume 40% of all global energy, produce 40% of all CO2 on the planet and 40% of all land fill waste can be dramatically reduced.  13 LEED projects are profiled. There is hope for us.

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