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Chromium in the Scientific Literature: Cardiovascular, Cancer, Depression, and Diabetes

Did you know that in 1929 Galser and his team discovered that brewer's yeast and (its chromium) and its effect on hypoglycemic action of insulin? 

But it takes time in the scientific circles to adopt a new discovery. In 1957 two scientist re-discovered chromium good effect by postulating the good effect of brewer's yeast is the good work of chromium (Schwarts & Mertz, 1957). 

Chromium indeed has been at the center of many scientific argumentation, which of course is what we need to do to figure out if something works - we do research and discuss results and then design even a better research project to get better and more accurate results. 

And the conclusion is that Chromium is important for diabetes and heart performance. It is also essential for helping people who suffer from depression. 

This article is an excellent review of recent and past work, covering the mechanism, clinical trials, biochemistry and toxicology, safety, and effect on serum lipids, as cancer fighter, cardiovascular and depression. 


Chromium (Cr) is an essential trace element which found naturally in a daily diet and available in the form of supplementary tablets to boost disorders like diabetes mellitus (DM) and functions like lipid metabolism and beneficial on depression too. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent endocrine diseases or in other words, the most severe metabolic syndrome (MS), which associated with high production of free-radicals which is out of bodies detoxifying machine capacity or high oxidative stress (HOS), vasculitis and elevated lipid profile. many research papers and clinical trials published about the significance of chromium on biological activities, pre and post clinical. For this review research articles, clinical trials, from 1st Jan’10 to 31st Dec’18 and refer literature for the biochemical, pharmacological and biological activity of Chromium. Primarily articles gathered from the above search engines. Then precisely according to our aim and goal and regarding designed objectives dismisses similar articles and finally came to 84 articles for the above said period. This review trying to cover the entire picture from what chromium is to the recent updates on their greater role in increasing insulin sensitivity of cells and enhancing lipid metabolism and even recent findings suggest its positive effects including prevention and ameliorating properties on depression. The biological activities, pharmacological features, clinical implications including efficacy and role of chromium compounds on the glycaemic index will be discussed. The outcome of this review is to bring the pros and cons of chromium supplementation along with is safety and toxicity concern beside molecular pathways, biochemistry and clinical trials, all in one comprehensive review. Article

Each capsule of the Chromium with High Active Beet Root provides 500 micrograms of trivalent chromium polynicotinate (50mcg of elemental chromium) and 250 mg of High Active red beet root with a standardized 10,000ppm plant nitrate, which the body converts to nitric oxides (McDonagh et al., 2018).



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Asbaghi, O., Naeini, F., Ashtary-Larky, D., Moradi, S., Zakeri, N., Eslampour, E., ... & Naeini, A. A. (2021). Effects of chromium supplementation on lipid profile in patients with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 66, 126741.


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