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Cancer Prevention

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We are so very excited about Li et al. (2012) article. It is exactly why we created the  BioImmersion’s Therapeutic Foods as they can greatly assist in the support of preventing diseases such as cancer.

See the powerful collection of antiangiogenic Therapeutic Foods in the Clinical Notes!

In the United States today men and women have a 43% and 38% chance, respectively, of being diagnosed with any type of cancer during their lifetime (Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2001).

But there is another condition that we can unmistakedly see in the US population in alarmingly increasing numbers—obesity— both conditions have a common etiology and, that is angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is a critical, rate-limiting step in the development of all known cancers. And its inhibition suppresses tumor growth, progression and metastases .  An antiangiogenic diet can play a major role in the prevention of cancer! (Li 2012)

What is angiogenesis?  It is the phenomena of growth of blood vessels and it is very important to keep it in balance.  In the case of certain diseases especially cancer angiogenesis goes overboard and enables small harmless cancer cells to become metastatic tumors.

Li et al, in Tumor Angiogeneis as a Target for Dietary Cancer Prevention,(Journal of Oncology, Vo. 2012, Article ID 879623), does a wonderful job of explaining angiogenesis and powerfully makes the case for diet as a strong component in the control of angiogenesis, and for cancer prevention.

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Seann Bardell

Antiangiogenic Protocol

  • Phyto Power– Contains rosehip, blueberry and dandelion (all Alaskan wildcrafted product with very powerful high actives).  Two capsules daily.
  • Cruciferous Sprouts Complex– densely packed with glucosinolates.  Two capsules daily
  • High ORAC Synbiotic Formula– contains grape and grape seed extract, raspberry and raspberry seed extract, wild blueberry extract, wild bilberry extract, tart cherry, cranberry and prune + 25 billion of two pedigreed probiotics.  Take one capsule daily.

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How ridiculous is it!  Regarding the practice of fracking by big oil, the Wyoming Supreme Court is telling a lower court to reconsider whether the public has the right to know the ingredients in the chemical products used to facilitate hydraulic fracturing.  Never mind the fact that this process can contaminate groundwater.  Another source of cancer causing contamination.



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