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Can Blueberries Lower the Effects of Fats & Sugar?

Curtis et al. (2022) found that when blueberries are added to high fat and high sugar meals they can reduce the effects of these foods!

What does that mean? Blueberries are known as the berry for brain and nerves' repair, but thankfully, the study shows that blueberries also supports heart health and weight management. 

So yes, the study finds that blueberries lower the effects of fats and sugar. 

Add 1 cup of blueberries to your meal or 1 capsule of Blueberry Extract 

Abstract's conclusion:

Conclusions: For the first time, in an at-risk population, we show that single-exposure to the equivalent of 1 cup blueberries (provided as freeze-dried powder) attenuates the deleterious postprandial effects of consuming an energy-dense high-fat/high-sugar meal over 24 h; reducing insulinaemia and glucose levels, lowering cholesterol, and improving HDL-C, fractions of HDL-P and Apo-A1. Consequently, intake of anthocyanin-rich blueberries may reduce the acute cardiometabolic burden of energy-dense meals. (Curtis et al., 2022) Article


Blueberry Extract 


Blueberry Extract 

suggested amount:  1 capsule of Blueberry Extract with high density foods. 



  • Curtis, P. J., Berends, L., van der Velpen, V., Jennings, A., Haag, L., Chandra, P., ... & Cassidy, A. (2022). Blueberry anthocyanin intake attenuates the postprandial cardiometabolic effect of an energy-dense food challenge: results from a double blind, randomized controlled trial in metabolic syndrome participants. Clinical Nutrition, 41(1), 165-176. Article


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Mary Ann Lila is the Director of The Plants For Health Institute at North Carolina State University.  She is one of the seminal researchers in the use of blueberries, for human health.

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