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Probiotics: Brain - Gut Axis and Better Mood, Better Memory

I just received an email from Harvard Medical School with their publication on probiotics elevating mood. 

In fact, the research they cited was not just about elevating mood, calming the mind and heart, but the significant positive effect of probiotics on the cognition of Alzheimer's patients (Akbari et al., 2016), and the ability to withstand stress (Guiao et al., 2021). 

We have discussed brain - gut axis for many years, one of Seann's favorite topics! The gut is called a 'second brain' since it produces many of the neurotransmitters as the brain does (e.g., serotonin, dopamine) and hence plays an important role in regulating our mood. 

I have also written on 'psychobiotics' - probiotics used for depression and enhancing our mood. Recent research literature from the last year or so show hundreds of articles on probiotic intervention studies for cognition, mood, better mood, and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 

Take a look at the references below for some encouraging research articles. 


Original Synbiotic 


Original Synbiotic 

 Suggested use: One teaspoon by mouth (very tasty) or mixed in a little water. 


  • Akbari, E., Asemi, Z., Daneshvar Kakhaki, R., Bahmani, F., Kouchaki, E., Tamtaji, O. R., ... & Salami, M. (2016). Effect of probiotic supplementation on cognitive function and metabolic status in Alzheimer's disease: a randomized, double-blind and controlled trial. Frontiers in aging neuroscience8, 256. Article
  • Dhami, M., Raj, K., & Singh, S. (2023). Relevance of Gut Microbiota to Alzheimer's Disease (AD): Potential Effects of Probiotic in Management of AD. Aging and Health Research, 100128. Article
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  • Suda, K., & Matsuda, K. (2022). How microbes affect depression: underlying mechanisms via the Gut–brain axis and the modulating role of probiotics. International Journal of Molecular Sciences23(3), 1172. Article
  • Thangaleela, S., Sivamaruthi, B. S., Kesika, P., Bharathi, M., & Chaiyasut, C. (2022). Role of the Gut–Brain Axis, Gut Microbial Composition, Diet, and Probiotic Intervention in Parkinson’s Disease. Microorganisms10(8), 1544. Article

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Lac, P. B. N. (2015). Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug-Free Program. Conari Press. Book

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