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Blueberry Extract is Back!

 Blueberry Extract is back on the shelf! 

Blueberry Extract

Rutledge, G. A. et al, 2021, correlated 1 cup a day of blueberries or daily supplementation with blueberry powder with improved cognition after a consistent consumption of 90 days. 

Rutledge et al. wanted to know if taking blueberries actually shows changes in the concentrations of anthocyanins and phenolic acid metabolites. They found that blueberries significantly altered plasma concentrations of circulating anthocyanin and polyphenol (phenolic acid) concentrations in subjects consuming blueberry compared to the control group.

The study also demonstrated that blueberry metabolites peak at different times during a 24 h period post-consumption and some metabolites exhibit biphasic patterns.  Furthermore, a consistent daily consumption of blueberry leads to the retention and persistence of some phenolic acid compounds over a longer period than is observed in acute studies.

Plasma phenolic acid and anthocyanin concentrations were significantly altered after 90 days of BB consumption compared to the control, and concentrations of these plasma phenolics correlated with improvements in cognition.

A capsule of Blueberry Extract is $2.29, compare it with a cup of blueberry bought in the store for minimum price of $4.99 and you save $161.42 over 2 months! With the Blueberry Extract, the potency is measured at 12% anthocyanin. 

The BioImmersion Blueberry Extract is a powerful therapeutic food supplement, with concentrated phenolics from the whole fruit which is responsible for the therapeutic benefits.  Each capsule contains 500mg of this precious extract, equivalent to one and a quarter cups of blueberries.  In fact,  it takes 80 lbs. of blueberries to get 1 lb. of this extract!

Recommended dose:  1-2 capsules daily.



  • Rutledge, G. A., Sandhu, A. K., Miller, M. G., Edirisinghe, I., Burton-Freeman, B. B., & Shukitt-Hale, B. (2021). Blueberry phenolics are associated with cognitive enhancement in supplemented healthy older adults. Food & Function12(1), 107-118. Article

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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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Mary Ann Lila is the Director of The Plants For Health Institute at North Carolina State University.  She is one of the seminal researchers in the use of blueberries, for human health.






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