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Fred Shafer, on COVID-19: Finding a Redemptive View on Suffering

Dear Friends

What is the redemptive value in all of this COVID-19 pain and suffering?

I have been asking our integrative doctors and health practitioners this question and their answers are inspiring. 

Here is the spontaneous response from Fred Shafer, the owner of Harvest Moon Health Food Store in NJ:

Well,  I have seen here in my town (and for myself) is that there is redemptive value in that people are getting closer to nature.  They have more time on their hands and they are finding that the natural world either through gardening or hiking or outdoors activity is luring them in.  I think that has to have a positive net effect on everyone.  I know I’ve ramped up my gardening this year and it really is a peaceful way, although be it hard work, to get in touch with the microbiome, the soil, and the beauty of nature. These beautiful flowers that come out of the ground always fascinate me.  I think people are getting in touch with how they can steer the ship on their personal health.  I see people in my store taking charge and trying to fortify themselves and trying to avoid chronic illness that is all pervasive in our culture.  So those are some obvious redemptive values I see.

Yours with blessings for your health and well being,


Green Facts:

Globe_Home 3CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) such as the Round the Bend Farm in Massachusetts is a shining light on how to bring healthy food back into our neighborhoods and lives.  Check this link out.


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