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Betty deMaye-Caruth, PhD, RN: Knowledge, Expertise, Love, and Humor

Betty deMaye-Caruth, PhD, is a delightful individual, whom I now consider a friend, and I have a feeling, you will too after hearing this interview. 

Dr. Betty is a registered nurse (over 30 years!), with a Master's degree in Education, and PhD in Holistic Health. She practices at Minerva Educational and Wellness Treatment Center, in Honesdale, PA. Dr. Betty also has a podcast - Two Crones and a Microphone

There is a lot of good humor within this serious wellness center, and a lot of heart. Of course, there is knowledge, and skill, and expertise that goes a long way to support the ups and down of most health journeys. And Dr. Betty is someone you want with you on the pathway to health. 

For Dr. Betty, it got very personal when she took care of her husband, Larry, as his health deteriorated. Her main focus was to keep herself healthy so she can keep her husband on the narrow path of health care. 

When  you are the primary caregiver to a family member, it is emotionally draining, and physically it can be exhausting. The issue thought is that we don't know how exhausted we are because there is so much to do, and handle, and be aware of - getting sick is not an option. 

Around that time, Marcellus Walker, MD, and Christina Walker, RN (whom you met Oct. 6th, 2023) introduced Dr. Betty to Energy and the No 7 Systemic Booster

The idea was to keep all body systems humming with healthy equilibrium and supply energy so Dr. Betty can help Larry. A few weeks on the program, and Dr. Betty fell in love with No 7. She simply felt the power. 

Join Dr. Betty and I as we go through so many different topics, and bond over taking care of family, becoming whole and strong again, and loving life as never before, because it is precious. 

Dr. Betty fell in love with No 7 - and you will fall in love with her. I actually think that love is her middle name. No wonder she and Christina Walker have been friends for so long (I call Christina the Love Buddha!) - so soak in the vibe, and lest you think it is too 'mushy' - there is much practical advice. Dr. Betty is after all a nurse and a PhD. 



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 Research and Our World: Peace 

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 From my Normative Kantian Peace Model: World peace as a Categorical Imperative is a Mature (enlightened) state of our collective attitude (toward one another). 

A theory and normative model for peace is one that Kant is confident can manifest in practice: “the question is no longer whether perpetual peace is something real or a fiction, and whether we are not deceiving ourselves in our theoretical judgment when we assume that it is real. Instead, we must act as if it is something real, though perhaps it is not; we must work toward establishing perpetual peace” (The Metaphysics of Morals, 1797, Ak 6:354).

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