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Christina Walker, RN: Near Death Experience, Trauma, and Fatty Liver

What is the connection between near death experience, trauma, and fatty liver? 

Christian Walker is an Operating Room nurse who has seen much at work and in life.

Working in the OR is intense, and often, it is that interaction between life and death that either invites stress that hardens a person's heart or creates a compassionate approach toward humanity.

No matter what, the OR is a place where a split second decision makes all the difference in the quality of a person life. It takes skilled people to work in this environment and even more, a special maturity to understand the nature of stress and be aware of the balancing act between an open or closed heart.

A terrible car accident and a loss of childhood friends combined with a Near Death Experience have catapult Christina into a life that has on one hand a much deeper meaning, and on the other hand, a great need to find answers to pressing questions.

Christina made a decision to come back to life. And handle a nonstop pain from the injuries. 

Surviving while others die can bring about guilt and anger, the ultimate why me type of questions, what is the purpose of life, and what do I do with to make my life meaningful. 

Listen to the interview and learn how my amazing friend has harmonized body, mind and soul. And fatty liver.




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