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Beta Glucan: Modulating Postprandial Glycaemia of Digestive Hormones and Gut Microbiota

A brand new research on Oat ß-Glucans (beta glucan) by the team of Martin Gotteland (2023) endeavored to discover whether ß-Glucan modulate postprandial glyucaemia of digestive hormones and the microbiota. 

Two randomized, double-blind, controlled studies were conducted with 14 participants in the first study taking 5grams of ß-Glucans, and 32 participants in the second study taking 3grams of ß-Glucans. 

That ß-Glucans reduce high cholesterol has been researched deeply for a long time, but it was good to check again on Postprandial glycaemia, which both research projects showed decrease and stabilization. 

One element that was very promising for weight loss was the satiety index - questions such as how hungry are you; how full are you; how satiated are you; how strong is your desire to eat (food craving); and of course, how much would you be able to eat right now -  were asked. 

ß-Glucans decreased hunger the desire for food (appetite). 

The results were very promising for weight loss, post-cranial levels of blood glucose and digestive hormones and satiety. No significant changes in the microbiota.

Excellent and incredibly detailed articles, just as we like it. Article

And do check out below our writing on researching peace and what is going on the scholarly arena of peace studies in our "Research and the World: Peace"

My thoughts:  Although there were no significant result with the microbiome, ß-Glucans is known to stimulate the growth of probiotics. Given these excellent fibers with probiotics is exactly what we have done in our Beta Glucan Synbiotic - one tablespoon will supply over 5gram of beta glucan.


Beta Glucan Synbiotic


  • Gotteland, M., Zazueta, A., Pino, J. L., Fresard, A., Sambra, V., Codoceo, J., ... & Magne, F. (2023). Modulation of Postprandial Plasma Concentrations of Digestive Hormones and Gut Microbiota by Foods Containing Oat ß-Glucans in Healthy Volunteers. Foods, 12(4), 700. Article

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Research and Our World: Peace

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 Johan Galtung introduced his paper on peace theories by saying: 

To write about peace thinking is to write about everything and nothing; it is neither precise nor sufficiently vague to be discarded completely as a subject of serious inquiry; the closer one approaches it the more does it recede - and it is frighteningly important. But this is in the nature of human affairs: the more important the matter, the vaguer and the more difficult becomes the thinking about it - for if it had already been conquered intellectually and mastered technically, then it would no longer have been so important because it would no longer loom so high as a problem. Some other problem would have taken its place.

Peace indeed is a difficult subject to discuss, and even tricker to research. Yet it is the core of what is important for humanity to survive and thrive. 

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