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Best Supplements For A Summer Holiday

I love the summer holiday, a week to a month of sunshine, ocean or maybe a lake? A staycation? Either way, it is a great time to relax and enjoy the good company of family and friends.

But are we really relaxed?

When Parents take their kids go on a holiday, it is typically a rather busy time. We often feel that we need time off after our holiday, to recuperate! 

So what supplements do we pack to take with us? 

We need energy, nutrition, and something to make sure we do not gain too much weight (after all - more fun, more food, more weight). 


1. I would suggest the Garlic - in case you or someone in your family feels run down.  Take 1-2 capsules right when you start feeling weird. If a sore throat is coming on, open a capsule in water, mix and let sit for a minute to have the enzyme react (to form allicin), and drink. 

2. No 7 Systemic Booster - is a great all in one super booster supplement to energize and nourish many systems in the body, and it includes B12, folate, chromium, and fructo borate, probiotics, supernatant, fiber, and tons of polyphenols from veggies, fruits, berries, and greens. 1 teaspoon a day.

3. Weight Less - the most effective supplement for weight loss, keeping our blood sugar balanced (no ups and downs after these carb filled meals or snacks). This supplement helps to keep our energy up, and weight down. Take 1-2 capsules 20 minutes before a meal or snack. 

And by the way, take the Weight Less before you pour yourself a glass of wine. 

I have such amazing memories from my childhood summer time. As a child, I had to contribute to the kibbutz working life, so one month of work and one month of holiday. Obviously, all of us kids complained about it; the pool and a whole expanse of a great canyon right outside our kibbutz beckoned us, mesmerized us with so many mysteries and unexplored areas, and we wanted the freedom to play. And play we did. 

As adults, go ahead and play on your holiday. If I'm near an ocean, like a child, I spend hours in the water! I read books (have always been a book worm), and love great conversations with my friends. 

Enjoy a great summer! 

Yours as always, 



No 7 Systemic Booster

Weight Less

Dohrea Bardell, PhD

BioImmersion Inc. 

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