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As we learned in last friday’s Forward Thinking, epidemiological studies have suggested that reduction in cardiovascular disease, cancer risk and a range of other chronic disease conditions is linked to consumption of anthocyanins, betalains, chlorophylls and carotenoids (Mary Ann Lila 2004)—the primary pigments of colorful fruits and vegetables. Quite simply we need to eat 5-13 servings of vegetables and fruits a day (Harvard School of Public Health, see Green Facts below).

Last week we looked at betalains derived from red beetroot and cactus pears and their multitude of benefits.  This week we’ll look at anthocyanins and the protection they provide for a diverse array of diseases.

Heart Disease

Pure anthocyanins are up to seven times more effective as antioxidants inhibiting lipid peroxidation than alpha tocopherol.  Anthocyanins in red wines and grape juice contributed to the ability of these dietary sources to inhibit heart attacks, by virtue of their antithrombotic potential, and to inhibit platelet function and enhance nitric oxide release (Lila, 2014; see in her research Folts, 1998; Stein et al., 1999; Freedman et al., 2001).


Anthocyanins are noted to inhibit cycloxygenase enzymes, which can be one marker for the initiation stage of carcinogenesis.  Anthocyanins and cyanidin aglycone from tart cherries reduced cell growth of human colon cancer cell lines (Kang et al., 2003). Anthocyanins and related flavonoids from berries including cranberry, lingonberry bilberry and blueberry have demonstrated the ability to inhibit not only the initiation stages of chemcially induced carcinogenesis bt also the later promotion and proliferation stages (Lila, 2014; see in her research also Bomser et al., 1996; Kandil et al., 2000, 2002; Smith et al., 2000; Schmidt et al., 2003).

Consuming a wide range of colorful fruits makes alot of sense when it comes to giving our bodies the health benefits of the pigments.


Mary Ann Lila (2004) Plant Pigments And Their Manipulation: Annual Plant Reviews, Vol. 14 Chapter 8, Blackwell Publishing.

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Clinical Notes:
Phyto Power contains 200mgs from three species of wildcrafted Rosehips (the whole fruit and seeds), 200mgs from four species of wildcrafted dandelions (aerial parts 90% w/w, roots 10% w/w and flower), and 100 mgs from four species of wildcrafted blueberry (fruit >95% w/w and leaves and stems <5% w/w).  Refractory dried, encapsulated in vegetarian capsules without excipients.  Take 1 to 2 daily.

No. 7 Systemic Booster has organic tart cherry (whole fruit), organic pineapple (whole fruit), organic pomegranate ( whole fruit and extract), organic cranberry (whole fruit and extract), vitamins, minerals, fibers, other nutriceutical and probiotics (five pedigreed strains of Bulgarian lactic acid bacteria.  Take one tsp daily.

With just these two products, if consumed on a regular basis, you are bringing into your body six different berries (blueberry, rosehip, cherry, pineapple, pomegranate and cranberry) and one vegetable (dandelion) in therapeutic amounts.

The Last Quiz Answer:

This curious guy is a brown fur seal, the largest and most robust of the fur seals.  This is a South African subspecies which is on the average slightly larger than the Australian subspecies.  They are 7.5 ft long and weigh between 440 to 660 lb.  The African fur seal lives around the southern and southwestern coast of Africa from Cape Cross in Namibia and around the Cape of Good Hope to Black Rocks.  Their diet is made of up to 70% fish, 20% squid and 2% crab.

Adults in the United States consume fruit about 1.1 times per day and vegetables about 1.6 times per day.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 recommends that Americans eat more F&V as part of a healthy diet.  Make at least one-half your plate fruits and vegetables.  Diversity of fruits and vegetables is of key importance.

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