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A Common Cause for Disease Today

Dear Friends,

Many scientists posit that the common cause behind modern society’s major chronic degenerative diseases is inflammation. That’s the bad new.

The good news is:  Research consistently shows that certain foods help to down regulate inflammation—foods such as blueberry extract, and phytonutrients such as those contained in our Phyto Power. (Vendrame, 2013)

Let’s look at cancer as an example.  In the 2008 paper, Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes, the researchers state that:

“Inflammation is the link between the agents/factors that cause cancer and the agents that prevent it.”

For starters they make the point that only 5-10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90-95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle.

Evidence indicates that 25-30% are due to tobacco, 30-35% are linked to diet, 15-20% are due to infections, and the remainging percentage are due to other factors like radiation, physical activity and environmental pollution.

When we talk about inflammatory markers we are looking at cytokines such as TNF alpha, IL-6 and chemokines, enzymes such as COX-2, LOX-5 and MMP-9, etc.  And the authors make the strong point that all of these inflammatory gene products have been shown to be regulated by Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-kB).  And, NF-kB activation is a component found in most types of cancers.

Anand et al. 2008. Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes. Pharm Res., 25(9), 2097-2116.

How might Therapeutic Foods be agents that downregulate these various inflammatory messagers and help to prevent cancer?

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

BioImmersion’s Blueberry Extract supplement contains 60 capsules with 500mg per capsule of pure blueberry extract and nothing else.  There are no excipients of any kind.  The capsule is a vegetarian capsule made from cellulose and water.  Take one capsule per day.

Our Phyto Power contains wildcrafted blueberries, rosehips (with their seeds) and dandelions (roots, leaves and flowers) rich in a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory compounds—flavonoids and polyphenols.  Take one to two a day.

The Last Quiz Answer:

Leopards are one powerful big cat.  So strong that it often hauls its kills into the branches of trees.  They are also strong swimmers, comfortable in the water.  They weigh up to 176 lbs and from head to body over 6 ft with a 4 ft tail extending beyond that.  Black leopards, which appear to be almost solid in color because their spots are hard to distinguish, are commonly called black panthers.  They are really black leopards.  They are such a magnificent creature.  (National Geographic)



Green Facts

How Whales Change The ClimateLast week we looked at how Elephants are eco-farmers of the Africa jungles. This week you will see in the amazing video above how whales are definately the eco warrior of the deep.

They are actually responsible for reducing COs levels from the atmophere.  As they increase the plankton levels throughout the seas—the base of the whole ocean food chain.

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