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A Billion Starving, A Billion Overweight

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

It’s 2010 and we have reached a point in history where we now have over a billion people who are starving, and simultaneously over a billion who are overweight with rapidly increasing numbers who are morbidly obese. Chronic illness is a pandemic worldwide not only in affluent, industrialized countries but also in the developing world as well.

Without a doubt, we know what the problem is!

It is the negative impact of the perfect storm of vectors impinging upon our biology, over burdening living creatures in ways that it can’t be overcome. These disease causing factors are:

  • pollution—toxins of all kinds in the air, land and water and therefore in our foods too.
  • Mounting levels of pathogens—new and old, from all corners of the globe.
  • Unrelenting, escalating levels of stress—hammering our fight or flight response
  • Unhealthy lifestyle—too little exercise, too much TV, not enough reading.
  • Diet—dietary patterns that render most people in the world malnourished.

It is these compounding of factors that are overwhelming our body’s genetic abilities to defend itself, regenerate new healthy tissues, and thrive.

We are experiencing the weakening of our species. We call this phenomenon the de-evolution (or devolution) of the biosphere because it not only effects us humans but all higher forms of life—mammals, amphibians and reptiles. It is imperative that we make the corrections now as we have reached the tipping point. We are experiencing the consequences of our actions.

The most fundamental of concepts is to feed the body correctly so it has the nutrients it needs to replenish, repair, and perform at its top level. Let whole organic food be your medicine. Whole food has the nutrients in the forms that our bodies understand and readily/easily utilize. A variety of organic whole foods is what we must strive for on a daily basis—our own government has been saying this now for at least a decade: “eat seven to nine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day.” Our bodies need the vitality of real whole organic food regularly.

And yet, who does this consistently? Even if we would consume 7-9 fruits and vegetables a day, the level of assault from a toxic devolving world is too overwhelming to our bodies. We need powerfull protective nutrients and the ability to regenerate and heal. Our body needs the vital factors available from whole foods in higher, concentrated amounts to be able to perform. We need to understand and implement the Therapeutic Foods platform into daily regimes: An imperative addition to not only a deficient diet, but even to a good diet. In the Clinical Notes below we take a look at the Therapeutic Foods Platform.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

The Therapeutic Foods Platform: Imperative, Vital, Successful.

Here’s a great Therapeutic Foods Weekly Regime:

  • Wild Blueberry Daily- 1 capsule daily
  • Cruciferous Sprouts- 1tsp or 4 capsules three times a week.
  • Chlorella, Organic- 4-10 capsules daily
  • Synbiotic Formula- one quarter to one tsp daily
  • Fructo Borate Complex- one daily

What’s imperative, vital and successful about this Therapeutic Foods Platform regime? The first three of you to answer this correctly will get a free bottle of our new organic Chlorella. Next week I will focus on the answer.

The cost? From $20 retail price per week. The cost of six lattes or two pizzas!

We are currently working on therapeutic regimes for different conditions that are easily incorporated into our daily lives. Remember, these are highly potent foods.

The Last Quiz Answer: Another amazing photo from the National Geographic 2009 Best Photo Collection.

Our condo garden keeps on giving. You will be amazed at this tomato plant outside my window when the tomatoes get red in about a week or two.

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