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3 Important Gifts This Holiday Season


There are 3 beautiful gifts that Seann and I think are very important for this year:

1.  Be Courteous towards the people you totally disagree with - and yes, we know it is hard. We are a nation divided on too many issues. If your co worker or a family member is spewing political (or anything) stuff that you hate to hear, breath deeply and remember it is just a different frame of mind. Defending a position can turn into a blown out argument. Is it really worth it? 

2. Show Compassion and Love to those who are going through tough times. When Seann and I go through difficult times, nothing touches us more deeply than compassion and support. Compassion is deep caring with love. It is a gorgeous enveloping embrace of another human being. When you feel compassion you truly connect your heart with someone else’s heart. Look around you, who needs your support?  We know you will find those who will blossom when you surround them with your love and compassion.

3. Exercise Joy. Bringing more joy into our lives takes an effort - we have to be conscious of the typical negative thoughts and the emotions and feelings that are evoked. We create a reality around us based on the thoughts and feelings we generate, so if there is not much joy generated in the day, it is time to change how and what we think about.  This is the reason that we exercise joy- it is a deliberate act - to think positive thoughts. We can also exercise feeling thankful for the smallest things around us which can re-direct our thinking into positive paths. Read “You Are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza to learn about how the brain thinks and creates your personal reality. 

These are the 3 important gifts Seann and I are focused on and love sharing with you. 

We all have common traditions that we love to uphold during the holiday season. There is the madness around shopping and gift buying that occupies probably too much of our time. There is that tendency to eat sweets and rich foods, and drink maybe a little more wine. And we do love that buzz and joy, the lights, and music. 

This holiday season is not so restrictive and fearful as we had last year, but we still need to be careful, wear a mask, wash our hands, and keep distance. 

Let’s give from our hearts - courtesy, compassion and love, and joy. 

Sincerely yours,



  • Dispenza, J. (2014). You are the placebo: Making your mind matter. Hay House Incorporated.
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Green Facts:

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 Seann’s favorite book this year is Dr. Joe Dispenza “Becoming Supernatural” - a great gift for yourself and loved ones.

Dispenza, J. (2019). Becoming supernatural: How common people are doing the uncommon. Hay House.




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