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2021 Research: Fructo Borate, Testosterone, and Testicular Structure

In this 2021 research Fructo Borate was examined to see if it would protect against cadmium chemical toxicity that lowers testosterone, sperm count, and damages testicles.  

Fructo Borate is a natural boron that duplicates the exact molecule of boron found in food, making it exceptionally easy to absorb and utilize in the body. Suggested use: 1-2 Fructo Borate daily.


Background: The present study aims to investigate the effects of calcium fructoborate on testicular DNA damage and testicular tissue biochemical markers and serum testosterone levels after cadmium chloride administration. Materials and Methods: 28 Wistar albino rats (200-220 g) in the study were divided into 4 groups with an equal number. These groups are; Control group (No chemicals applied), calcium fructoborate (100 mg) group, Cadmium chloride (200 mg/L) + calcium fructoborate (100 mg), Cadmium chloride (200 mg/L) group. The study lasted 28 days and both chemicals were applied daily with oral gavage. Results: While 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) expression was moderate in the cadmium chloride + calcium fructoborate group, the expression in the cadmium chloride group was severe. In the cadmium chloride group, testicular tissue glutathione (GSH) and 8-OHdG levels, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activities and serum testosterone levels were significantly decreased compared to other groups. It is determined that the reversal of the change in the parameters listed in the calcium fructoborate group. Conclusion: The reversal of the change in the parameters listed in the calcium fructoborate group indicates the positive strength of the present chemical. It is our suggestion to transfer calcium fructoborate into life practice by conducting further clinical studies and evaluating different parameters. Article

 Fructo Borate



Pollution in the atmosphere is a serious problem for both human health and other ecosystems. In this pollution, people, transportation vehicles and heavy metals play a big role.1 Cadmium, a heavy metal, has been reported to be abundant especially in industrial areas,2 causing injury in the liver, kidneys and testicles.3-9 Especially, in the toxicity it causes in the testicles, it has been reported that spermatogenesis is impaired and there are decreases in gonadotropic hormones and testosterone hormone.10-12 It has also been reported to cause apoptosis in the male reproductive cell.6 There are many studies in which oxidant / antioxidant balance is troubled after cadmium exposure.3-6,8,9

Boron is an essential nutrient in animals as much as necessary for the normal growth and development of plants.13,14 It is emphasized that some fruits (Banana, apple, grape, peanut, hazelnut) and vegetables (carrot, potato, bean, broccoli, cabbage) have rich boron content.15 In boron deficiency, it has been reported that the number of sperm decreases in the frogs, sperm morphology is impaired and causes atrophy in the testicles and ovaries.16 Boron increases the level of testosterone in men,17 is important in the immune system,18,19 prevents osteoporosis20 and protects against some types of cancer.21,22 Boron contains many features such as anti-inflammatory, anticancer, disinfectant, antioxidant and antiapoptotic.23,24


  • Belhan, S., Kömüroğlu, A. U., Özdek, U., Mendil, A. S., Kul, A. R., Dörtbudak, M. B., & Gezer, A. (2021). Investigation of the Effects of Calcium Fructoborate on Testicular Structure in Rats within the Framework of Biochemical Parameters, Testosterone Hormone and DNA Damage in Cadmium Chloride Induced Toxicity. INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH55(2), 544-549. Article


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    Boron with Flavonoids (No 7 or boron with high orac):  Koch, W. (2019). Dietary Polyphenols—Important Non-Nutrients in the Prevention of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases. A Systematic Review. Nutrients11(5), 1039. Article

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