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What are Naturally Occurring Boron Containing Compounds?

We have loved Fructo Borate for many years, and Fructo Borate has loved us all back with many effective uses. The research, of course, as is amazing as the clinical results. 

So it does make sense that the science on boron and fructoborate will continue  to show us a deeper view of how to utilize this incredible mineral. 

I did not though anticipated that Boron will be part of the making of antibiotics.

According to Biţă et al. (2022), Boron has a large role in both the origin and evolution of life. It is indeed an essential micronutrient to humans and animals as well as plants, fungi, and algae. It affects reproduction, growth, bone formation, energy metabolism, immunity, brain function, and more! 

Boron is even considered to be a prebiotic (Scorei, 2012). 

In an exciting article, researchers Dembitsky and Gloriozova (2017) outlined a long list of Boron containing metabolites called polyketide antibiotics

What are polyketide? They are called 'natural products' and are produced naturally by plants and organisms. They are isolated and synthesized with other compounds to form different antibiotics. Of course it is still in the process of discovery and experimentation. 

I should have not been surprised that naturally occurring boron containing compounds create/form many antibiotics (Demibitsky & Gloriozova, 2017).  

In fact, the researchers found that 50 biologically active Boron compounds show anticancer, antibacterials and anti fungal activity. 

A fascinating read to enhance our knowledge on antibiotics and compounds that involve boron for natural and pharmaceutical medicines.  Article


Fructo Borate 



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Tepedelen, B. E., Korkmaz, M., Tatlisumak, E., Uluer, E. T., Ölmez, E., Değerli, İ., ... & Inan, S. (2017). A study on the anticarcinogenic effects of calcium fructoborate. Biological Trace Element Research, 178, 210-217. Article

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