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The importance of staying open to choices in probiotics

Dear Friends

I have the pleasure of listening to your successes in healing many different conditions of the gut with our synbiotic formulas. Doctors who have had patients, so to speak, maintain a status quo in their health, but not healing, are delighted with the results they are now getting through the addition of Therapeutic Foods synbiotics.

How do we chose probiotic products?

There are many probiotic products in the market place and truth be said, once we’ve come to intellectually believe in a certain probiotic formula, we tend to categorically believe that it should work for all people.  But does it?  Not really, so rule number one is a given probiotic formula may seem to work for some, but not for all.  And, because we are all different learn to use various probiotics for different people.  Keep an open mind to new possibilities, new formulas, new probiotic collections.  It is the reason we developed seven synbiotic formulas.  And, there will be more in the new future.

But there is more to our synbiotic formula than just different collections of pedigreed strains of good bugs.  We have added an important dimension, we combine probiotics with therapeutic foods. This addition potentiates the possible successful outcomes by increasing the adaptability of our bodies to the bugs. Foods help the body to know what to do with more refined supplements. A probiotic by itself is akin to a vitamin which is taken out of its holistic environment. We utilize therapeutic foods to accompany and in some cases as the carriers for our good bugs.  This is a unique delivery system. Our bodies learn how to utilize supplements through food. In nature, we do not just eat bacteria. We eat food, which bacteria is apart of.

The gut is a very complex ecosystem and we are just beginning to understand it.  The gut microbiome and its bio-individual needs, have both similarities and differences. There is a growing body of powerful research that is for the first time being poured into understanding the human microbiome.  We are one of the companies that tracts with this research and are on the leading edge of creating new synbiotic (probiotic) formulas.

Our love of probiotics started over 30 years ago! We work collaboratively with growers, scientists, repositories (of bugs), and different institutes, to understand, formulate, and continue to grow ourselves with knowledge. We believe in the collective power of working together. Take a look at the seven formulas we have, each is unique and purposeful. Lets talk about their use in your clinic.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

5 Reasons to try the BioImmersion’s Synbiotic Formulas:

  1. We are licensed by ATCC, the largest probiotic repository in the world, the gold standard for bacterial storage and identification.
  2. We have been educating doctors on probiotics for 30 years.  In fact, you may have used one of our probiotics lines that we developed over the years. 
  3. With our new wholly owned BioImmersion Inc. we don’t rely on one product developer but use many manufacturers, scientists, and institutes, gathering the best and most current ideas to produce our synbiotic formulas.
  4. Therefore, the formulas are powerful, intelligent, and systemic. 
  5. The Synbiotic Formulas are working for doctors with their patients giving beneficial results that our earlier products couldn’t give. That is the beauty and gift of the evolution of knowledge.

So, what are these formulas.  Here they are:


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