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Dear Friends

Bacteria are clever! We throw antibiotics at them, yet they survive, and get stronger.

We, on the other hand, are between a rock and a hard place. We overused antibiotics, our immune systems have increasingly become weakened, and there seem to be no end to the chronic stress of life today. Are there healthy viable alternatives?

Sanz Y et al in Probiotics as Drugs Against Human Gastrointestinal Pathogens, Frontiers in Anti-infective Drug Discovery,2010,I,107-123, claim probiotics are the possible answer, citing the myriad of research dollars now being spent on the study of probiotics.

Some of the mechanisms of action as discussed by Sanz et al are (1) modification of the environmental conditions [of the GI tract], (2) competition for nutrients and adhesion sites [with the pathogenic bacteria], (3) production of antimicrobial compounds, (4) modulation of the immune and non-immune defense mechanisms of the host and (5) regulation of the intestinal muscular function.

Lactic acid bacteria (e.g. Lactobacillus) and Bifidobacterium constitute the main groups of probiotics commercialized for human consumption.  Strains of these genera are natural inhabitants of the human gut and have an excellent record of safety use in food fermentation.

This is in large part why we have choosen this class of organisms to bring into our Therapeutic Foods arsenal.  Of course, we are choosing exceptional medical strains for their health giving properties, and histories of use.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

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The Last Quiz Answer:

My favorite maucho critter has always been the wolverine, that is until I met my new favorite the Honey Badger.  It’s not really a badger at all but a large, really large member of the mongoose family and boy does it have an attitude.  It’ll stand down a lion or a hyena, and even de-ball a water buffalo.  And, they are intelligent too, very smart with large brains. Yet they are relatively unknown.  Have you seen a video on them before?  They are night creatures. Allow me to introduce you to this truly fascinating creature—the Honey Badger.


The ice caps are melting at accelerating rates.  Pine Island Glacier, a major outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, has been undergoing rapid thinning and retreat for the past two decades.  It is now evaporating into the sea at a rate duplicating a time way back 8000 years ago in the Holocene. Are we approaching the tipping point?  It will take all of us facing the truth of our actions against Mother Nature to turn this thing around.  Who is going to wake us up?

Johnson J. et al. Rapid Thinning of Pine Island Glacier in the Early Holocene, Science 28 February 2014:Vol. 343 no. 617 pp. 999-1001.


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