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Pomegranate Power

Dear Friends

Modern research corroborates the use of pomegranate as a folk remedy for diabetes and metabolic syndrome, as well as other difficult conditions. See Clinical Notes below for products containing pomegranate.

In vivo and in vitro studies have demonstrated that pomegranate exerts hypoglycemic effects, including increased insulin sensitivity, inhibition of alpha-glucosidase, and impact on glucose transport type 4 function.

It also is responsible for a reduction of total cholesterol, as well as anti-inflammatory effects through the modulation of peroxisome proliferator receptor (PPAR) pathways. These effects may explain how pomegranate-derived compounds function in the amelioration of adverse health effects caused by metabolic syndrome.

Medjakovic S et al, Pomegranate:  a fruit that ameliorates metabolic syndrome, Food Funct, 2013, Jan;4(1):19-39.

Michael Aviram et al, Israeli researchers, found that in a population of healthy men, pomegranate juice reduced the susceptibility of “bad” cholesterol to oxidation by 43 percent.  In the same study, oxidation of cholesterol in mice was reduced even more—by up to 90 percent.  It not only prevent plaques from forming, but reduced those that were already there.

Aviram M et al. Pomegranate juice consumption reduces oxidative stress, atherogenic modification to LDL, and platelet aggregation: studies in humans and in atherosclerotic apolipoprotein E-deficient mice, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2000, May;71:1062-76

In summary, pomegranate activates PPARs which function as transcription factors regulating the expression of genes that upregulate PON1 and PON2, are anti-inflammatory, increase insulin sensitivity, improve blood lipid profile, reduce body weight, are anti-atherosclerotic, decrease blood glucose levels, modulate GLUT-4, reduces alpha gluosidase activity, reverse cholesterol transfer and lowers oxidative stress.

In short, help greatly in the the correction and prevention of Metabolic Syndrome.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

Two of our Therapeutic Food products contain organic pomegranate:

Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic Formula not only contains organic pomegranate extract, but also organic cranberry extract and three pedigreed lactic acid probiotics- L. acidophilis, L. casei, and B. longum. Take two to four capsules a day as a therapeutic dosage, and 1-2 a day for healthy living.

No. 7 Systemic Booster contains both the organic pomegranate extract and the whole organic pomegranate along with cranberry, tart cherry, pineapple, 5 lactic acid bacteria and many other powerful increases. Take a teaspoon a day, mixed with water. Can aslo be added to your morning protein drink, green drink, or juice.

Click on the links above and then on the Deeper Dive Tab for their bulleted benefits.

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We are facing a national epidemic of childhood obesity, and as many as one in three children are at risk for life-threatening, often preventable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Yet members of Congress and lobbyists are fighting to allow more sugar and junk in our kids’school lunches!  The US House of Representatives could vote as soon as this week.

Please take action and ask your member of Congress to vote for healthier school lunches.

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