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Multi-benefits from the Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic

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The Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic Formula treats and protects against urinary tract infections, by design.  But, due to its diverse array of actives it covers many other therapeutic needs.  Let’s look at The Oncologist and their article about protection against prostate cancer.

Samuel Klempner and Glenn Bubley in their 2012 paper, Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Prostate Cancer:  From Bench to Bedside, examined the efficacy of a variety of promising CAM protocols to treat and protect against prostate cancer.  Their article was published in  The Oncologist, 2012, 17:830-837.

Punica granatum (pomegranate) has been used in medicine for over 3,000 years, with applications ranging from hypertension to malignancy.  Their polyphenols have robust antioxidant properties with an oxygen radical absorbant capacity (ORAC) higher than either red wine or green tea. But we know that free radical scavenging in only one aspect of reducing cancer risk. Pomegranate also has a very active anti-neoplastic ingredient in the polyphenol punicalagin. The punicalagins have been shown to have multiple effects on signal transduction that inhibits cancer cell growth and cause apoptosis.

Additionally, it has been shown that inflammation and prostate cancer may be linked, and that high NF-kB levels put one at risk to cancer.  Pomegranate extract inhibits NF-kB expression in the androgen-independent prostate cancer cell line.  Its lowering of NF-kB reduced inflammation not only in the prostrate but throughout the body. Check the Library for more research articles on the beneficial use of the pomegranate.

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Clinical Notes:

For protective support against urinary tract infections take one to two capsule daily.  I have heard from many doctors how the Cranberry Pomegranate Synbitoic Formula stops the cycle of reoccurring bouts of UTI with antibiotic use.  Regular use of this formula keeps UTIs in remission. We have heard from doctors and patients that in acute infections four capsules every two to three hours relaxes the bladder and releases urine flow for a great relief.

And, now from the above discussion we can see that the Cranberry Pomegranate is also a protective food for the prostate, while it also provides support for the gastrointestinal tract with very powerful Bulgarian pedigreed probiotics.  As we like to say, the Therapeutic Foods provide multi-dimensional benefits.

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