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Immune Booster: The Happy Protocol

We always talk about this amazing collection of products as a protective and strengthening protocol. 

But this protocol has another agenda - to shift you into that happy space, where you feel strong. It is our formula for well-being. 

How does this protocol work? 

We have learned from research that Garlic creates a more harmonious balance between different groups of organisms. It does so by not letting opportunist organisms, that are not so great for our body, flourish. Taken as a one capsule daily, or even every other day, an equilibrium is achieved between different communities, and that gives you, the host, a feeling of well-being! 

Energy is truly intelligent. It is the 72 ultra mineral composition that gives the formula its advantage. These trace minerals are simply missing from the soil, and as you know, minerals and trace minerals are involved in many different functions in the body. When these functions are able to transact more effortlessly, you - the host - is liberated. And that of course feels good. 

If you have not thought of these fantastic ingredients from this perspective, the good news is that now you know how much more influence you do have over your body by feeding it deeply with the nutrients it needs to be happy.

Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes - you have heard the expression that when you liver is happy, you are happy, and indeed, most cultures have known for centuries that a happy liver is essential for happy life. 

This is precisely the function of Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes. The gentle detox of the liver and its nutritive power and support renders a lightness that can only be described as a well functioning liver. 

The No 7 New Longevity represents a comprehensive approach to health and long life, it combines all the superfoods, the best of probiotics, and essential nutraceuticals in macro and micro dosing that enacts the mechanism of hormesis. Small and precise amounts of foods that stimulate an adaptive response in the body at the cellular and molecular levels (Mattson, 2008). This is how the body strengthen itself, adapting to stressors, overcoming, building a stronger immunity and in the process, supporting that feeling of well-being that is so important to us. 

And it is 10% off. 


  Immune Booster Protocol



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    We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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