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To Your Health

Dear Friend,  

Your health is fundamental to everything else in your life. As a doctor, you take care of many people, and too often forget about yourself. 

Today, we have gathered a few products that will make a great difference to your health. 

Start with the easiest and most fundamental health booster: The No 7 Systemic Booster: The New Longevity. The name says it all – a special blend that strengthens many systems in your body and has the correct nutritional strategy to bolster longevity. No 7 is sweet without any sugar, it is the natural berries, greens, and fibers that make it taste so good. It melts in your mouth. A teaspoon in a little water will make everyone smile!

And who does not need a little pick-me-up? Energy is made up of 72 plant-based ultra-minerals with apple extract. A mix that is used successfully by professional athletes for longer and less painful exercise routines. You will need it in January when the holiday buzz fades away.

Your brain is the center of your universe, and as you age, it is harder to keep it all together. The Blueberry Extract has a potent extract from North America blueberries, shown in research to actually help the brain regenerate. You need a brain support to brighten the thinking pathways of the brain.

High cholesterol? A need to trim up and get in shape? The Beta Glucan Synbiotic has the seal of approval by the American Heart Association due to its strong beta glucan properties. And it has more – beet to support the liver and help relax blood vessels to allow oxygen flow more easily. Probiotics and fiber to support a healthy morning constitutional. Add 1 teaspoon (for GI support) to two tablespoons (for Heart Health) to your favorite drink in the morning, or simply mix with water.

Eating more sugars and heavier meals? The Weight Less is a wonder supplement. No other product beats these precious extracts of powerful seaweeds and energy boosting 7 keto. Together, the Weight Less lowers the glycemic index of foods and helps you manage how much you eat, keeping your energy steady, and even help burn fat.

Sincerely yours,


We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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