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Tired of Your Chronic Condition?

Dear Doctor

Are you tired of your chronic condition? 

Protocols that do not address the root cause of chronic conditions in general will not be as effective. You need a protocol that will produce a foundational shift. 

Chronic Low Grade Inflammation (LGI) and Immuno-senescence are two interactive conditions associated with increased risk of ill-health, poor well-being, and mortality. A chronic condition, from joint pain to heart or even cancer start with inflammation (Calder et al., 2017). 

A recent research article by Aurelia Santoro and her group (2020) compares the process of inflammation or more specifically inflammation that causes chronic illnesses to the effect of hormesis. Both are systems that have evolutionary processes. Hormesis is a process of adaptation that slowly either strengthen or weaken the host. In the same way, inflammation can strengthen our bodies by introducing just enough for our body to create an appropriate response, or weaken it if we are constantly getting inflamed without any modifying factors to help the body neutralize or reduce the inflammation. 

The idea is balance - to create a protocol that includes the kinds of ingredients, in small dosages (hormesis) that continually lowers inflammation, both macro and micro (Santoro et al., 2020).

Each chronic condition will require an hormetic effect through particular agents that lower inflammation.

Here is the abstract. Enjoy:

We propose in this review that hormesis, a concept profoundly and systematically addressed by Mark Mattson, has to be considered a sort of comprehensive “contact point” capable of unifying several conceptualizations of the aging process, including those focused on the stress response, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation/inflammaging. A major strength of hormesis and inflammaging is that they have a strong evolutionary basis. Moreover, both hormesis and inflammaging frame the aging process within a lifelong perspective of adaptation to different types of stresses. Such adaptation perspective also suggests that the aging process is malleable, and predicts that effective anti-aging strategies should mimic what evolution did in the course of million years and that we have to learn how to exploit the great potential inherent in the hormetic/inflammatory responses. To this regard, new topics such as the production of mitokines to cope with mitochondrial dysfunction are emerging as possible anti-aging target. This approach opens theoretically the door to the possibility of modulating the individual aging rate and trajectory by adopting the most effective scientifically-based lifestyle regarding fundamentally nutrition and physical activity. In this scenario Mark Mattson’s lesson and personal example will permanently enlighten the aging field and the quest for a healthy aging and longevity.

Consider adding to your protocol a teaspoon of the No. 7, specifically designed as a hormesis treatment that handles inflammaging. 

BioImmersion’s No. 7 Systemic Booster, The New Longevity, provides for your patients what they need to rebuild their health and maintain longevity.  Their daily dose should be 1 heaping tsp daily. To activate the Supernatant and ORNs (for immune boosting), put a teaspoonful in your mouth and let it dissolve.  Or mix it with water and slowly drink.




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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.


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