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The Power of Diversity in our Diet

Dear Friends,

Diversity  seems to be a particularly pungent word for this day and age.  Consider the following:

(1) Appreciation for cross-cultural diversity as our world becomes smaller and smaller is an imperative.

(2) Biological scientists have raised the red flag, warning us that our polluting ways are precipitating the loss of tens of thousands of species each year into extinction.  With the two most important predictive markers for a pending planetary mass extinction rising exponentially—CO2 levels and rate of species extinction—many experts are giving us as little as a 100 year before the next Mass Extinction hits.  It will be the sixth for life on planet earth.  The last being 65 million years ago with the lost of the dinosaurs.

(3)  The loss of diversity at the macro level, of animals and plants, is matched at the micro level when we look at the gastrointestinal microbiome.  Due to our overuse of antibiotics and our ultra hygienic life styles our guts lack a biodiversity of bacteria.  Hence the rising tide of Inflammatory Bowel Disorders.

(4)  The reduced density of nutrients in our foods is of survival important in our 21st Century.  It begins in the soil with the loss in diversity of minerals and microbes, and plays out in our plant with a minimal mineral load.  Add the overuse of herbicides and pesticides and you get plants and berries with low photochemical diversity and levels, resulting in foods are that weak and bodies that are chronically ill.

Lack of diversity and the lack of embracing diversity is literally driving us to extinction on many levels.

BioImmersion’s Therapeutic Foods are facing this issue at the dietary level as the Therapeutic Food Supplements add a diversity of polyphenols into our diet which work together towards facilitating our our good health, and supply a wide variety of good probiotics that augment healthy GI tract functioning. See Clinical Notes.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:


Phyto Power provides a wonderful and powerful array of flavonoids from Alaska’s wildcrafted berries and dandelion to support the healthy function of our multitude of metabolic pathways.

Supernatant Synbiotic formula brings in a diverse collection of proven Bulgarian strains of pedigreed probiotic organisms to support our digestive system, detox system and immune system operations.

Take one capsule of each twice daily.

Green Facts

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The Senate committee charged with protecting our environment just passed a bill that would make it a lot easier to spray pesticides in and around our rivers, lakes and streams.  Tell Congress to reject this insensible bill now and stand against toxic pesticide pollution of our water.  Take Action.

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