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The Best Anti-Diabetic Agents? You May Be Surprised.

Polyphenols from plants and foods show up in research as the top anti-diabetic agents, and we see more data accumulating every year. 

Interestingly the diet that shows up as anti-diabetic is not the typical meat and vegetables without carbs, but a diet that is filled with healthy whole fruits and berries!

Alongside vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and grains. A very different diet than we have thought of and practiced. 

A recent comprehensive review by Sun et al. (2021) explain the particular mechanisms of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that cause the development of diabetes mellitus (DM), due to dysfunction or destruction of β-cells. 

Various factors, such eating too much, not enough exercise and environmental toxins and chemicals can all induce oxidative stress and inflammation, especially in the beginning stages of DM. 

The research is showing that Fruit as one of the best antioxidants protects the pancreas and insulin sensitive cells. As an anti-hyperglycemic effect, plant based diet with plenty of fruit may be the best route back to health. 

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Let's take a look again at the High ORAC, with berries, fruit and probiotics, quercetin, resveratrol, and a very broad spectrum, powerful ORAC.  A great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. 1-2 capsules a day. 

High ORAC 


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  • Sun, C., Liu, Y., Zhan, L., Rayat, G. R., Xiao, J., Jiang, H., ... & Chen, K. (2021). Anti-diabetic effects of natural antioxidants from fruits. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 117, 3-14. Article

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My Research: Peace

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If you thought that metaphysics is the study that goes beyond Newtonian laws of physics, think again. We started this conversation with the premise that Freedom is not just a ‘local right’ (state or community laws) but a ‘universal law in itself’ which means, a law that is for all people, born of pure understanding of the fundamental nature of ‘being a human,’ and that means the study of metaphysics.

How does that relate to metaphysics?

The word Metaphysics was birthed by (possibly) one of Aristotle’s students who named his 14 books (on ‘first philosophy, first science, ‘wisdom’, and ‘theology’) ‘Ta meta ta phusik ’ – the after the physicals, or after the physical ones, or what now we call Aristotle’s Physics. The physical world is about nature or the natural world that is in a constant state of change. A great way of defining our natural world.

Metaphysics is beyond this changeable world, it is about things that do not change, and Aristotle called them “being as such” and also “first causes” of things, which does not change.

And this of course brings us right into Kant’s Laws of Freedom, as first causes, universal truths that do not change. A very necessary ingredient in the study of peace making. We’ll continue our walk on this path.

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