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Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

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Across the board from the holistic medical community to governmentally prescribed programs designed to get us well, the consensus is that we need to be smarter in the choices we make in our dietary practices. Also growing is the recognition that our gastrointestinal health is pivotal to our overall wellbeing.  This is an exciting development that has been brewing for quite a while. We are getting somewhere.

For our side in the holistic medical community these two areas of focus are nothing new.  They have always been part and partial for getting patients truly well.  For the past thirty years Dohrea and I have focused on the absolute importance of organic foods, dietary practices and nutritional supplementation.  This effort has culminated with our founding of BioImmersion Inc. in 2005, a company dedicated to the development of a new medical platform—the Therapeutic Foods Line.

Here is our first full-page ad that we placed in the inaugural publication of the peer-reviewed medical journal, the Journal of Restorative Medicine (August 2012).  What do you think?

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Clinical Note:

Two of our most powerful governmental agencies relative to our health are the USDA and the NIH.  Both have come out in recent years with critical programs with the right focus for the attainment of our health—they are finally talking our talk.  The USDA’s 7-to-9 a Day Program, urges us to eat seven to nine serving of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.  Whew!  And, the National Institute of Health’s (NIH’s) Human Microbiome Project is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to determine what constitutes a healthy ecosystem within our gut.  Can somebody say good bugs/probiotics.

How can Therapeutic Foods Help?

Suppose your patient takes just two capsules a day of the Phyto Power and one capsule of the High ORAC, what would they be adding to their daily dietary regime?

With the Phyto Power you’d eating the equivalent of one organic (wildcrafted) dandelion salad a day, 6 to 8 wildcrafted rosehips a day, and a small handful of wildcrafted blueberries.

With the High ORAC Synbiotic Formula you are getting a 25 billion CFU of two highly researched probiotic organisms plus pesticide and herbicide free wild blueberry extract, wild bilberry extract, grape and grapeseed extract, raspberry and raspberry seed extract, tart cherry, cranberry and prune.  All in significant amounts.

We will save the enumeration of the phytochemical intake here for another time.  Suffice to say, you are realistically enhancing you ability to achieve health enhancing levels of phytonutrients in your daily diet.

The Last Quiz Answer:


This amazing creature is the sarcastic Fringehead.  They are found from San Francisco to the tip of the Baja.  The Fringes preferred habitat is an abandoned shell, can, rock or bottle on the sandy or muddy ocean bottom just beyond the breaker zone.  They are ferocious defenders of their home turf.  You know the saying, he’s all bark and no bite. The fringhead is all bark and if that doesn’t work, all bite.  Here’s the Fringehead in action.

Monsanto doubes down! They’ve just funneled another $2.9 million dollars to defeat California Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods.  This comes on top of their $4.2 million dollar pledge.

Have you seen the film, The World According to Monsanto?  Here is the full film.

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