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Probiotics & Fructo Borate: Anti-Aging Agents for Beautiful Skin

When I think of beautiful skin, I do not envision a perfect, doll-like skin, but a healthy, filled with expression and laughter lines skin. 

Has anyone seen the movie "Barbie"? You may imagine tons of makeup and filters and tricks of the trade to get the actors' skin to look that good. And I am certain all that was used. At the same time, the makeup artist used bitter tea to detox the liver and achieve an inner healing and glow that will translate to better looking skin.

And indeed, we know that a happy liver means much happier skin.

What does research say? 

At this point, research is focused on antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and the microbiome for healthier and better looking skin.

We have discussed polyphenols for their all encompassing powerful functions for skin health: antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and more.

To this mix, research is now adding Boron and Probiotics as key ingredients for anti-aging and health. 

When I speak of anti-aging, my intention is not to highlight the cultural preoccupation with barbie-like beauty, but with longevity--health that expresses itself as wholeness--from within. 

Probiotics bring harmony to the community of microorganisms in the gut. The purpose of taking probiotics is to bring in more players that enhance our health by building up a matrix of hardworking and beneficial organisms that protect our one layer (and a very thin one) of mucus membrane of the GI tract, boosting our immunity, digesting foods, supporting detox and elimination, and performing a host of other functions. 

Since everything in our body, all the different cells, organs, and systems, interact and interconnect, scientists are examining the "skin interactome" - the holistic approach and function of "Genome-Microbiome-Exposome" (Khmaladzen et al., 2020).

What does that mean?

Scientists are studying the skin from the perspective of wholeness, the interaction between our genes, exposome which is the environment (sun, toxins, chemicals etc.) and life styles factors (diet, stress, nutrition, sleep), and of course the microbiome (both skin and gut).

A healthy microbiome is when probiotics create more balance in the community of microorganism, it affects the health of our skin, as it affects so many other organs and functions in the body. The skin/gut axis is an ongoing communications between the immunological and metabolic properties (Ratanapokasatit et al., 2022).  

Skin integrity and aging has shown in research to be affected by dysbiosis of the gut. 

In the same way, Boron contributes to the body's health in so many different ways, including longevity and the glow of our skin--and this will be the topic for our next discussion (Gul et al., 2022). 

For the probiotic product, I have chosen the High ORAC Synbiotic as it has both probiotics, Supernatant and polyphenols. We have been discussing the central role polyphenol play in skin care, so it seems the perfect product. 


Fructo Borate 




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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

Research and Our World: Peace 

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What does it mean to have Peace as part of our DNA? I have been thinking more about who we are as human beings, and in fact wrote quite a bit about peace being part of our DNA in my dissertation. But one fact remains, if we are eternal beings, and come from a beautiful singular source we call god or the Divine (or Oneness and many other names)– and we are one with the Divine, wouldn’t peace be absolutely within our essence, along with love? This interesting question is part of the questions in my research aimed at our leaders.

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