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Skin Aging and Polyphenols: Simple Pathway to Glowing Skin

We are a world obsessed with beauty and although each country and region in the world has its own concept of what is beautiful--we all agree that healthy (glowing) skin is a must. 

When we are not under stress (is that possible?), our skin works harmoniously to balance the production of ROS from the mitochondria with the production of antioxidant enzymes in the cell. 

Since we are often under stress--emotionally and physically--this harmony is interrupted, and ROS overwhelms the cells, leading to aging (Menaa et al., 2014). 

We have discussed this phenomenon last week and examined the great healing effect of Blueberries on premature skin aging.

High dosage of antioxidant also comes from polyphenols that are part of other fruits and berries, tea, soybean, and other foods such as onion (for its quercetin).

A recent article by Sun et al. (2022) expands on the different tasks polyphenols perform--anti-inflammatory (for psoriasis, dermatitis etc.); antioxidants (against ROS and DNA damage, sun damage, etc.), and for estrogen deficiency (e.g., resveratrol)--for skin health. 

And there's more: polyphenols have anti-allergic effect when our skin reacts to foods, chemicals, dust and more; anti-microbial (even against E coli, mold, candida etc.). 

And a fun fact: polyphenols are amazing for hair pigmentation, as hair color instead of toxic chemicals. 

Sun et al. (2022) is a clear, concise, and detailed Article about the use of polyphenol for skin health - and it is quite surprising! 

How do we achieve skin that glows with health? Both articles agree that it is the plants and supplementation with intense high oxidants. Check out the High ORAC for a powerful antioxidant. 





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What does it mean to have Peace as part of our DNA? I have been thinking more about who we are as human beings, and in fact wrote quite a bit about peace being part of our DNA in my dissertation. But one fact remains, if we are eternal beings, and come from a beautiful singular source we call god or the Divine (or Oneness and many other names)– and we are one with the Divine, wouldn’t peace be absolutely within our essence, along with love? This interesting question is part of the questions in my research aimed at our leaders.

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