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Plant Stem Cells and Longevity

This beautiful Japanese scientific team of Umeda et al. (2021) is managing and organizing 28 research groups that are all working on studying plant stem cells and epigenetic reprogramming. The idea is to explore the resiliancy and regenerative power of plants and how to translate that to humans. 

All I can say is WOW. I love the speed and tone of this article, the confidence of the scientific team and the magnitude of this study. 

Stem cells are responsible for longevity so understanding how do plant continue on to enjoy persistent growth and proliferation of pluripotent stem cells which are the original stem cells that in fact build life, is essential.

In human terms, the embryo formation (embryogenesis) is when we have the pluripotent stem cells and then they disappear. This means that humans are more limited in maintaining longevity and enjoying longer life than plants.

But knowledge is power, and this team has decided to deeply study plants origination of stem cells and their ability to live and produce more of the same - and utilize this incredible process for human health. 

Enjoy: Article


  • Umeda, M., Ikeuchi, M., Ishikawa, M., Ito, T., Nishihama, R., Kyozuka, J., ... & Sakakibara, H. (2021). Plant stem cell research is uncovering the secrets of longevity and persistent growth. The Plant Journal, 106(2), 326-335. Article

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