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No. 4 Systemic Booster: Metabolic Balance

Dear Friends

Can you idenitify this beautiful creature?

Can you identify this beautiful creature?

Take a second look at the  No. 4 Systemic Booster.  The research on this product is down right exciting for blood sugar regulation and weight loss. It also increases energy, cognition, and immune function.

Beginning with the research of Roy MC et al in 2011, The Effect of a commercially-available algal phlorotannins extract on digestive enzymes and carbohydrate absorption in vivo, published in Food Research International, which demonstrated that a new food ingredient extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum (bladderwrack) and fucus vesiculosus (kelp) phlorotannins was able to reduce the normal increase in postprandial blood glucose seen 30 minutes after a meal by 90% and consequently reduce peak insulin secretion by 40%.

These results demonstrated the potency of this specific collection of two wildcrafted brown seaweed organic extracts to benefincially modulate carbohydrate digestion and assimilation in a way that would be suitable for use in foods and dietary supplements.

To this we added the powerful thermogenic agent 7 keto in amounts per capsule that turn on the body’s fat burning pathways in the mitochodria.  The result is fat weight loss and improved energy. Of course the 7 keto is also known for its ability to improve our cognitive ability and strengthen the immune system. Together with the two types of seaweed in the No 4, it is indeed an intelligent and systemic product.

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Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:  Take one capsule BID 1/2 hour before your two largest carb meals.

No.4 d 2

The Last Quiz Answer:
Who doesn’t love a warthog!  Lions sure do—one of their preferred dishes.  But they aren’t an easy kill and many a lion has lost that battle.  A big male can weigh up to 250 pounds.  Three feet at the shoulder.  And, live for 15 years.  Scientists who know them say that they are remarkable for their strength, intelligence and flexibility.  They are not endangered because they are so skilled at adapting to new threats.  For example, most warthogs like to forage during the light of the morning and early evening.  But if they live in an area where they are hunted by people, they switch to foraging at night.

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