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Niloufar Park: An Attorney's Journey Back to Health

What is the reason for me to put 'an attorney' in the title? 

Niloufar is a female attorney who faces intense stress in the best of days. And she is not your ordinary attorney. She has earned much recognition and honors for her work, and is, as Washington State describes her "a rising star" - one of Washington's Super Lawyers. 

Let's face it, there is a fierce competition between attorneys, and although there are more female attorneys now -- 38.3% as of 2022, and it started with just 3% in 1951 (ABA, 2022), so for sure great improvement -- it is more stressful being a woman attorney. 

And I do understand. As an owner of a nutraceutical company, a formulating and manufacturing organization, and even with a PhD, at times I bump into prejudice and a certain attitude that I'm not enough. Because. I am a woman.

I typically ignore such an attitude as I know that sooner or later they will respect me and treat me as an equal. I absolutley expect it. After all, we are all equal human beings. 

Saying that, this is what Niloufar handles often, and with such elegance and skill. 

It does take a great deal of discipline, love, compassion, and clear, precise thinking to communicate and negotiate during stressful times.

When life, work, and personal life collide in an overwhelming manner, dis-ease can show up, and at times, with a bang.  

In this short and fun session, Niloufar discusses with me the BioImmersion protocol that helped her to turn around her health, from being tired all the time, foggy brain, bad digestion, and anxiety, as she faced covid, grief, and menopause, to having energy, a clear and fast brain, and feeling the joy of life. Wholeness. 

Let's remember it is a journey. 

Thank you Niloufar Park for your wisdom and willingness to share from your heart. 

To learn more about Niloufar:



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Interesting facts about the state of our justice system:

 There are 81% white attorneys in the US; 5.8% hispanic, 5.5% Asian American, 4.5% black, 2.7% mixed race, .5% Native American, and .2% Hawaiian Pacific Islander.

In law firms, 2.55% lawyers of color became partners, in 2021 27.60%. 

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