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Multispecies Probiotic and Cirrhosis

We continue our journey with the liver - and in particular, how to help a liver that is burdened with cirrhosis happier and healthier. 

Horvath and her group of researchers (2020) wanted to know what happens when a multi strain probiotic supplement was given to people with cirrhosis. 

The probiotics used were Bifidobacterium bifidum, various kinds of B. lactisLactobacillus acidophilus, L. brevis, L. casei, L. salivarius, L. lactis (couple kinds), and a matrix of maize starch, with some minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and amylases (enzymes).  

These beautiful foundational probiotics have been discussed by Seann and I for many years, and I am beyond delighted that attention is given to these organisms. 

The results showed improvements in the gut microbiome, and as we know from last week, gut and liver communicate, and the healthier the gut the better it is for the liver. 

This article is straight forward, although the lead researcher does have a relationship (via grants) with the probiotic supplier. The reason I accept this is that the organisms that were used are very basic or as we call them, foundational. They are grown and put together into formulas by every probiotic company, including BioImmersion. 

Enjoy! Article


  • Horvath, A., Durdevic, M., Leber, B., di Vora, K., Rainer, F., Krones, E., ... & Stadlbauer, V. (2020). Changes in the intestinal microbiome during a multispecies probiotic intervention in compensated cirrhosis. Nutrients12(6), 1874. Article

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 Brand new 2023 research about probiotics and liver:

Won, S. M., Lee, N. Y., Oh, K. K., Gupta, H., Sharma, S. P., Kim, K. H., ... & Suk, K. T. (2023). Gut Lactobacillus and Probiotics Lactobacillus lactis/rhamnosis Ameliorate Liver Fibrosis in Prevention and Treatment. Journal of Microbiology, 1-13.

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