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Living Well, Dying Well

Dear Friends

We are happy to share with you the Fielding University Press publication of a new book by Dr. Judith Stevens-Long and our BioImmersion’s president, Dr. Dohrea Bardell: Living Well, Dying Well:  A practical guide to choices, costs, and consequences.Living Well Dying Well

  • Attitudes to death and dying are changing in the United States. Today, we are living longer, yet with the acute awareness
    that what we do now will affect our remaining time.
  • Prompted by a big push from baby boomers, our society is moving towards a culture that provides a greater array of positive choices in the final phase of our lives.
  • This should inspire all of us to find new ways to create joy and comfort until the very last moment of life.
  • Written by Social Sciences Professor Dr. Judy Stevens-Long, author of the bestselling book Adult Life, with Dr. Dohrea Bardell, a Fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation, this book contains all the information you need to ensure that the last years of your life, or the life of someone you love, will be as satisfying, comfortable, and as productive as possible.

You can find the book on Amazon: click here.

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We are proud to announce the Fielding University Press publication of Living Well, Dying Well by our very own Judy Stevens-Long, written with Fielding alumna Dohrea Bardell.

The book is one of the first to document how attitudes to death and dying are changing in North America. Now that we are living longer, it is increasingly common for people to have a frank conversation about their end-of-life wishes with partners and loved ones.

Judy and Dohrea set out to support and encourage that conversation with a wealth of information about end-of-life choices, hospice care, legal and financial issues, and beliefs in the afterlife, as well as wellness strategies that can fill the final phase of our lives with joy and comfort.

Written for both an academic as well as a general trade audience, Living Well, Dying Well: A practical guide to choices, costs, and consequences is now available worldwide from Amazon by clicking this link.

Please join us in congratulating Judy and Dohrea with the publication of this groundbreaking book—and please spread the word in your community of practice.

Kind regards,

Monique Snowden
Gerald Porter
Jean-Pierre Isbouts

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