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High ORAC: 10 times the potency

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Our famous High ORAC Synbiotic is now 10 times more potent. What’s new?

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First, we added our new advanced Probiotic Super Blend, naturally occuring whole probiotics with their Supernatant and ORNs (oligoribonucleotides). The five pedigreed lactic acid bacterial strains in our Supernatant Synbiotic are excellent as post antibiotic care.

We also added the supernatant of each of these five effective probiotics: The supernatant includes their healing metabolites, enzymes, vitamins, lactic acid, bacterocins, biosurfactants, bile salt hydrolase, and so much more.

The full-spectrum antioxidant activity component of High ORAC Synbiotic is a property of its new proprietary blend of fruit, berries and bioflavonoids.  A blend that successfully reduces the five major categories of free radicals- the hydroxyl, peroxyl, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen, and superoxide anion.  It is standardized to a minimum total ORAC score of 40,000 umol Trolox equivalent (TE) per gram as measured by the ORAC 5.0 assay. That is 10 times more potent!

One capsule a day will do nicely.

Food Science

Studies are showing that dietary polyphenols contribute to the maintenance of intestinal health by preserving the gut microbial balance through the stimulation of the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria while inhibiting that of pathogenic bacteria.

Dueñas et al.’s (2015) study, A survey of modulation of gut microbiota by dietary polyphenols, showed that the beneficial effects attributed to dietary polyphenols appear to be due more to phenolic metabolites formed in the gastrointestinal tract, mainly derived from the action of gut bacteria than to the original forms found in food.

This all occurs in the colon where the growth of good bacterial friends is enhanced by polyphenols while at the same time the beneficial attributes of the polyphenols are made possible by their reduction into shorter chain lengths by the enzymes of these good bacteria.  Making their antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammtory, healthy aging, cell signaling effects more bioavailable throughout the body.

Duda-Chodak et al. (2015) present possible pathways of polyphenol metabolism by intestinal bacteria and describe the diet-derived bioactive metabolites produced by gut microbiota, with a particular emphasis on polyphenols and their potential impact on human health.

We will talk much more about this in coming Forward Thinking newsletters.


Dueñas, M., Muñoz-González, I., Cueva, C., Jiménez-Girón, A., Sánchez-Patán, F., Santos-Buelga, C., … & Bartolomé, B. (2015). A survey of modulation of gut microbiota by dietary polyphenols. BioMed research international2015.

Duda-Chodak, A., Tarko, T., Satora, P., & Sroka, P. (2015). Interaction of dietary compounds, especially polyphenols, with the intestinal microbiota: a review. European journal of nutrition54(3), 325-341.

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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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