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Happy Father's Day

My father was my best friend, the person that believed in me, respected me, and loved me unconditionally. 

Some of the best political conversations were with him, we enjoyed analyzing the world around us, and sharing how issues can be solved. 

He insisted I get my PhD, and thought I would enjoy psychology, because of my insight into relationships, neither of us considered that I would fall in love with International Relations as my area of research. I know he is happy for me. 

What memories do you cherish of your father? And if your father is still alive, what kind of relationship would you love to have with him? 

If you crave a good relationship with your father - imagine you and your father together, without any of the problems you have now - and start building a different kind of a vision for the both of you. 

Relationships are important, and the way I keep mine alive is simply by turning to both my father and mother, and asking them what do they think about x, y, z.... and I know somehow they will answer me, even though they have both passed. 

Today, we celebrate together your father and my father - and honor them. And if it is difficult for you to celebrate your father, there may be other father figures around you, and honoring them is beautiful and heartfelt.

And if you are a father - I celebrate you and honor all that you do for your children, our collective next generation. 

Enjoy your day. 

Yours As Always, 


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