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Fructo Borate and Arthritic Pain

Arthritic pain is one of the major causes of disability. Quality of life goes down as well as a normal daily functioning. Since degeneration and inflammation are the marks of arthritis, both immobility and pain need to be addressed.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is thought to be the result of pro-inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress ( Henerix, 2020).

Fructo Borate is one of the most studied forms of boron that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body for joint pain. 


The pain associated with arthritis is difficult to overcome and reduces quality of life. Conventional treatment methods focus largely on symptomatic intervention and are limited in their efficacy and sometimes in their safety. Accumulating evidence suggest that carefully formulated supplements offer a safe and cost-effective way to better address joint health and to both prevent and treat joint disease. Here, we describe pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for arthritis and discuss the data on the effects of individual ingredients on joint health and joint pain. 

Fructo Borate  is a very exciting product: it naturally duplicates the molecular structure of boron as it is found of food—in nature, Boron is always bound to carbohydrate.

 Fructo Borate 

 In studies, one to two capsules of Fructo Borate have been shown to help prevent and slow down osteoporosis, reduce the inflammation in osteoarthritis, and selectively increase steroid hormones in the blood—testosterone, DHEA and Vitamin D3   level.


  • Hendrix, C. (2020). Arthritis - Natural Alternatives for Joint Integrity, Function and Comfort. depression9, 11. Article 

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