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Cruciferous Sprouts help prevent cancer

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Each Cruciferous Sprouts Complex capsules is loaded with glucosinolates.  And, when hydrated in the stomach the enzyme myrosinase reacts with glucosinolates to produce the bioactive molecules isothiocyanate and indole-3-carbinol, both of which are antiangiogenic.  So what?

Angiogenesis is a critical, rate limiting step, in the development of all know cancers. (William Li 2012)

Sulforaphane is a type of isothiocyanate and acts in the following ways:

  • Inactivation of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha. (Yoa et al., Sulforaphane inhibited expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha in human tongue squamous cancer cells and prostate cancer cells, International Journal of Cancer, vol. 123, no. 6, pp. 1255-1261, 2008)
  • Activation of FOXO transcription factors. (Davis et al., Sulforaphane inhibits angiogenesis through activation of FOXO transcription factors, Oncology Reports, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 1473-1478, 2009)
  • Promotion of endothelial cell apoptosis. (asakage et al., Sulforaphane induces inhibition of human umbilical vein endothelial cells proliferation by apoptosis, Angiogenesis, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 83-91)

Indole-3-carbinol inhibits endothelia cell proliferation tube formation and induces apoptosis.

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Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

Cruciferous Sprouts Complex contains:  broccoli sprouts, Daikon Radish Sprouts, Red Radish Sprouts, Water Cress Sprouts, Kale Sprouts, Mustard Sprouts, and Cabbage Sprouts yielding 10,000ppm glucosinolates.

When the sprouts are crushed, the enzyme myrosinase is able to react with the glucosinolate. You are familiar with this reaction as we discussed this similiar process in our garlic when the clove is crushed and the alliin if able to react with the enzyme alliinase to form allicin the bioactive antimicrobial compound.

All of these reactions are best to occur at the time of taking the product. Take with plenty fluids so that the bioactive molecules sulforaphane, indole-3-carbinol, or allicin are at their peak of potency.

Take the Cruciferous away from food; 2 to 4 capsules daily.

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