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Several of the Therapeutic Food products help to prevent high blood sugar levels and the resultant development of insulin resistance?  See the Clinical Notes below.

A global estimate for diabetes in 1997 was 124 million people world wide.  By the year 2010 the total number of people with diabetes was projected to reach 221 million. (Amos AF et al. The rising global burden of diabetes and its complications 1997 Diabetic Medicine).

It’s 2014 and the total is 284 million with diabetes worldwide!

More that 20 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, and this number is expected to exceed 80 million by 2040 because of the rapid increase in the numbers of elderly (ferri et al. 2005).

Several recent studies have indicated effects of insulin and glucose metabolism on the risk of developing dementia, especially Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  In fact, people that have insulin resistance, in particular those with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease estimated to be between 50% and 65% higher.

Researchers have discovered that many type 2 diabetics have deposits of a protein called amyloid beta in their pancreas which is similiar to the protein deposits found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s sufferers.  Hence, Alzheimer’s is being proposed as type 3 diabetes.

Bottomline, we need to control the rate of sugar infusion from our diet into our bloodstream.

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Clinical Notes:

Therapeutic Foods that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels:

  • Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula– take one tablespoon before your largest carbohydrate meal of the day.  The beta glucan soluble fibers are highly viscous and slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates.
  • Number 4 Systemic Booster– take 1 capsule 1/2 hour before your two largest meals of the day.  The flavonoid extracts from the two seaweeds extend the absorption time of carbohydrate from a meal into the blood stream by an hour.
  • Chromium with Beet– take one capsule twice a day to lower blood sugar levels.

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The Last Quiz Answer:


This beautiful butterfly comes from Mount Mabu and ‘the Google forest’— the largest rainforest in southern Africa.  The rainforest of Mount Mabu overs approximately 7,880 hectares in total, and has revealed a number of species that were previously unknown to science.  This all was discovered in January of 2006.  So far, only around a fifth of the forest has been surveyed for its biodiversity, and scientists believe there are many more discoveries to be made.  Four new species of butterfly have so far been discovered at Mount Mabu.  Like most of the world’s rainforests there is increasing pressure around its perimeter with slashing and burning agriculture and indiscriminant killing of its fauna. Fortunately, Fauna and Flora International (FFI) has been working to establish a management strategy for Mabu to establish a protected area recognised by Mozambique’s provincial and national government.





You gotta love it when there is a loving bond between humans and wild animals.  In this precious video an injured baby white rhino is cared for back to health—Orphaned Baby Rhino Loves To Run With Her Rescuers!


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