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Chlorella’s effect on CVD Risk Factors

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Fallah et al.’s ( 2017) meta-analysis, Effect of Chlorella supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, found that Chlorella decreased several risks leading to cardiovascular disease.

The meta-analysis on 19 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with 797 subjects showed that Chlorella administration significantly decreased the following risk factors:

  • Decreased the levels of total cholesterol
  • Decreased the levels of LDL cholesterol
  • Decreased systolic blood pressure
  • Decreased diastolic blood pressure
  • Decreased fasting blood glucose

Subgroup analyses based on intervention duration and chlorella dosages revealed that administration of chlorella for 8 weeks or higher with dosages higher than 4 g/day significantly reduced the above risk markers in both people with healthy levels and unhealthy levels.

Over all, the results of their meta-analysis indicated that Chlorella supplementation clearly supports the reduction of key risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Our Suggestion: Take 8 tablets of Organic Chlorella once a day.


Fallah, A. A., Sarmast, E., Dehkordi, S. H., Engardeh, J., Mahmoodnia, L., Khaledifar, A., & Jafari, T. (2017). Effect of Chlorella supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Clinical Nutrition.

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