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Dear Friends

On September 28th we will be launching the new BioImmersion website! And it is beautiful!  The shopping cart will have a much better tracking information and easy navigation. Plus, our Washingtonian customer service team will be back and ready to help you with orders and answer any of your questions. They are the best!

We will introduce 3 new protocol-bundles with 10% off introductory pricing: An immune booster, Beautiful Skin, and Rejuvenation.

We know that your goal is to bring all your patients back to health. But in our world today healing has become an increasingly difficult task.  We are here for you and your patients. Research is showing that different concentrated foods can actually turn on the health repair mechanism in our body, rebuilding health and spirit.

We celebrate all of you and the wonderful work that you are doing.  You are our heroes.

Have a blessed week.


Seann and Dohrea Bardell


Green Facts:

Globe_Home 3Regenerative Agriculture promotes a paradigm shift that there is a solution that rebuilds, repairs, and replenishes our natural resource through ecological practices.


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