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Blueberry Supplementation and Premature Skin Aging

We speak often of Blueberry Extract and and its amazing repairing properties for brain / nervous system. 

To create the Blueberry Extract, over 15 years ago, we spoke with some of the leading scientists on blueberries and brain health. We now are watching their students lead their own research teams! (e.g., Zheng et al., 2022)

And the research is fascinating. Our scientific communities are finding more reasons to be in love with the blueberry. It is that good for us. 

So let's talk today about skin health and in particular premature aging. 

A recent 2023 research illuminates the need for extra protection for our skin:

Ivarsoon et al. discuss how environmental stressors (pollution, ozone, UV radiation) overburden the skin's own defense mechanisms which then lead to premature skin aging. One of the burdens - reactive oxygen species (ROS). 

The article has a great overview on skin, and its defense mechanisms, the environment, and how blueberries interact with our body--well worth the time to read. 

The team of Ivarsoon et al. examines and reviews scientific works on blueberries modulating skin aging with topical application, and of course, as a dietary supplement (2023). 

And the reasons blueberry is that good?

Blueberries' anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant properties, and ability to increase vascular function, and enzymatic function. 

Yes, we actually need more research on the effect of blueberries on skin health, we simply don't have enough direct correlation. And, since we do see more skin damage - we need solutions. 

At the same time, it is inspiring to see that a berry can offer so much: take Blueberry Extract, and learn more about skin aging and care, Article

 Blueberry Extract


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  • Zheng, T., Bielinski, D. F., Fisher, D. R., Zhang, J., & Shukitt-Hale, B. (2022). Protective Effects of a Polyphenol-Rich Blueberry Extract on Adult Human Neural Progenitor Cells. Molecules27(19), 6152. Article

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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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