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Blueberry Extract & Brain Function: Viability and Proliferation of Stem Cells

Neurogenesis is the process by which neural stem /progenitor cells create new neurons. 

For the sake of clarification, and please hang in there with me, the topic of stem / progenitor cells are becoming more and more a hot topic in the scientific literature, and it is related to health, aging, longevity, and yes, supplements and lifestyle modification.

Stem and Progenitor cells can differentiate into different types of cells. Let's break this down: embryonic stem cells create every cell in the body and hence are called pluripotent. Whereas adult stem cells are more limited to specific areas, and are hence called multipotent. 

Progenitor cells are exactly as the name describe - progeny (descendent) - of stem cells. They are more limited in where they go and their ability for self-renewal. Hence, they are multipotent, some can go to several areas, others are more limited to specific places in the body (Bhartiya, 2015, Article).

The hippocampus is an extension of the temporal part of cerebral cortex, and is a complex brain structure that is responsible for learning and memory, and even imagining our future. When this region is negatively affected it can lead to Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and other neurological disorders (Anand & Dhikav, 2015).  

We need healthy neural stem cells to generate new neurons so our brain functions well, and we are able think, remember, perform, and remain healthy. So obviously, it is important to know what helps and supports the health and proliferation of stem cells.  

So we ask:

Do potent polyphenols from blueberry extract help protect and even generate more viability and proliferation of these important stem cells? Can blueberry extract even reverse decreased viability and proliferation? 

That is exactly the questions that the team of Zheng et al. (2022) at the University of Boston asked - and researched.

Their research focused on blueberry extract treatment on adult hippocampal human neural progenitor cells (AHNPs) that are involved in neurogenesis and other brain functions such as memory.

The answers to both questions are yes, blueberry extract can indeed specific adult hippocampal human neural progenitor cells. 

Well worth the time to read this exciting research article, to find out how the researchers designed their experiment, the findings, and how this affects our health. Article

 Blueberry Extract


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