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Beta Glucan and Low-Glycemic Index

Did you know that the Glycemic Index guide is an internationally managed database that is run by the Sydney University Index Research Service in Australia?

In fact, the database has food that is and has been studied all over the world. 

As we know, a low-glycemic index calculates how foods affect blood sugar levels (or blood glucose levels). And of course, the lower - the better for our health.

To be on the same page:  The scale goes from 0-100. Low GI is from 1 to 55, Medium GI is 56-69, and high GI is 70 and higher (Mayo clinic, 2022).

The question I had for Beta Glucan: what would be the minimum dose to reduce the glycemic response

Since Beta Glucan (oat β-glucan) is studied for its heart health effect, how much do we need to help manage blood sugar?

A brand new 2023 review examined different research projects that studied exactly this question (Noronha et al., Article) - the idea is make sure we take enough to reduce the glycemic response. The review is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrtion.

The intervention was designed to have participants consume oat beta glucan with certain foods (muffins, cereal, muesli, bread, snack bars, juices, pasta) and then the control group to have the same foods but without oat beta glucan. And then check their blood.

In some trials the participants were healthy (without diabetes), and in others they did have diabetes. 

General findings show that oat beta glucan does reduce glucose levels and insulin by 23%-28%. Two points the researchers made are - the quality of the beta glucan bioavailability and viscosity are important. And 4 grams or less of beta glucan showed good results.

Get all the numbers and variation in the Article.



Beta Glucan Synbiotic  

One heaping tablespoon provides around 5g of beta glucan.


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