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Dual Function of Amaranth: Functional Food and Potential Medicine?

 Amaranth as potential medicine? 

We should not be surprised, amaranth as an ancient seed contains the pulsating creative life force which heals, rebuilds, and strengthen us to the core. 

 As you can see in this 2022 abstract, both scientists, Baraniak & Kania-Dobrowolska, are as enthused about the power of foods as we are at BioImmersion.

What can be more fundamental than these ancient seeds that have nourished us for thousands of years?

Enjoy the article, and consider incorporating the Staff of Life into your daily diet.


The beneficial health-promoting properties of plants have been known to mankind for generations. Preparations from them are used to create recipes for dietary supplements, functional food, and medicinal products. Recently, amaranth has become an area of increasing scientific and industrial interest. This is due to its valuable biological properties, rich phytochemical composition, and wide pharmacological activity. Amaranth is a pseudo-cereal crop with a dual character, combining the features of food and health-promoting product. This paper briefly and concisely reviews the current information on the chemical composition of amaranth, the value of its supplementation, the status of amaranth as a food ingredient as well as its key biological and pharmacological activities. The beneficial biological properties of amaranth preparations described in this paper may be an incentive to conduct further in-depth scientific research in this field and also to promote the development of innovative technologies in the food and cosmetics industry with the use of this plant. View Full-Text

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PS - Staff of Life has Amaranth as well as four other ancient seeds. Staff of Life is organic, gluten free, Kosher, and Non GMO.


  • Baraniak, J., & Kania-Dobrowolska, M. (2022). The Dual Nature of Amaranth—Functional Food and Potential Medicine. Foods, 11(4), 618. Article

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      Arslan-Tontul, S., Candal Uslu, C., Mutlu, C., & Erbaş, M. (2022). Expected glycemic impact and probiotic stimulating effects of whole grain flours of buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and chia. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 59(4), 1460-1467. Article

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